The Computerized Daily Book (CDB) is C-store back office software designed for petroleum retailers and convenience store operators. Developed with decades of input from SSCS’ C-store customers, some of the most successful fuel retailers in the world, the back office software guides you through a simple series of daily steps that make it easy to capture and record sales, manage inventory, and perform your daily book work, as shown in the illustration below.

The More You Know, the Better You Can Manage Your Business.

It Really Works

The CDB provides valuable insight into what sells in your store, how much stock you need to keep on hand, and how to price items for profitability. The more you know, the better you can manage your business. C-store operators who invest in the software typically see a significant increase to their bottom line.

The average C-store has an income of $2500 per day, a shrink rate of about 3%, and storewide margins of 30%. Of the average C-store's $40,000 worth of stock, 10%, or $4,000, consists of "dead" items - products that no one is buying that are still taking up shelf space.

The CDB and related SSCS software can improve these numbers. Customers typically cut their shrinkage in half, raise their storewide margins by around 2%, and eliminate their dead stock and slow moving items, increasing sales as a result. With a back office system like ours, a typical C-store owner can see $32,000 or more in gross profit per year.

There are other good reasons to have a back office system if you operate a C-store. First, it makes your job easier. The CDB tracks all your taxes, lottery, income and expenses, and integrates with most accounting software. Second, it helps makes your operation compliant with local and federal regulating entities by tracking fuel over/short amounts, owed and paid taxes, and money distributed to vendors.

Hosted in the Sunray Cloud.

An overwhelming majority of CDB customers leverage SSCS’s Sunray cloud hosting platform because it lets them spend more time managing their business and less time worrying about installing and maintaining their software. Read more about Sunray Cloud Hosting by clicking here.

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