Mani Basi, Bait Barn, Waterford, CA

"When I started looking for back office software, I had my own idea of what it was worth. Trying to save money, I bought a cheaper product and quickly discovered that it wasn't worth it. When I found SSCS, I saw that they provided not only software, but a 'solution' that truly could help me be more successful. My margins are up and I'm making more money. Don't waste your time and money with cheap software when it comes to your business. SSCS is the best choice you can make."

Tony Pruitt, Pem Mey Fuel Mart, Klamath, CA

"The Computerized Daily Book is essential to our business, and we are especially happy with the way SSCS keeps the program updated with new enhancements. We recently applied their new feature, Food Service Manager, to our deli program and it has enabled us to keep close track of our food inventory and manage our ingredient costs for our menu items. We have already seen a significant increase in our profits as a result of this."

Mark W. Jordan, Refuel, Charleston, SC

"I've had a four-year partnership with SSCS and it has transformed my company. I can say that CDBWin is intuitive, sophisticated, easy to operate, and has helped us develop profitability by adding 3 percent to our bottom line. We can now track costs easily and identify margin issues instantly, something we could not get from a competitor's package. We are on top of our game using the system; it has streamlined our operation. We are also excited about CDBWin's new Food Service Manager module, which will allow us to throw away the piles of spreadsheets we used to track food costs and waste. I'm thankful that SSCS is taking a leadership role in food service management, because we-like a growing number of convenience store operators-believe food service will transform our industry once again."

Tami Caputo, Fills Fuel Center, Las Vegas, NV

"SKU rationalization is critical in a C-store environment because of limited sales space. SSCS provides us with the information necessary to make smarter buying and pricing/promotional decisions. This ability dovetails perfectly with the shelf tag management solution SSCS also provides. Once price changes are made, we simply call up any modified item in our price book and print the new shelf tags at the location or our corporate offices. With the SSCS Sunray solution, we have been able to react more quickly to trends and improve overall efficiencies within our organization."

Joe Patton, Pen Fern Oil Company, Back Mountain, PA

"We had used other back office vendors in the past and struggled to get up-and-running and fully operational with them because they lacked the service and support we needed to be successful. The SSCS help desk and their Web-based solution, Sunray, were key in getting our organization utilizing the application to its fullest. Their expertise in POS interface technology and their commitment to solving any issue that arises sets their company apart from the other back office vendors in the industry."

Jim Heilman, Heilman Automotive, Hatboro, PA

"Heilman Automotive has been using the Computerized Daily Book for over 15 years. It has been a valuable tool in helping us grow our business from a single repair facility to the four locations we have today. The Computerized Daily Book helps us manage many parts of our daily work. It helps our shop produce a professional work order, track technician productivity, analyze parts purchases, and electronically facilitate our customer retention piece. With multiple locations we are able to consolidate financial information from each site into one very neat and accurate package. The support provided is easy to use and callbacks are timely. We rely on SSCS because it delivers exactly what our company needs every day."

Michael Lindquist, Wilton Service Center, Wilton, CT

"After much research and some personal recommendations, I chose Computerized Daily Book. Not only does it save my bookkeeper time, but any time I want to see volume and margins on gas and store items they are only a few mouse clicks away. The best feature us having invoices delivered electronically and it automatically tells you when there has been a price change. Not only do SSCS sales reps help you, the tech support is second to none."

Fred Kim, R&M Pacific Rim, Inc., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

"By using Power Price Book from SSCS, I am able to update prices for multiple sites from one location. The time it takes to update prices and print new shelf tags has been reduced substantially as a result, which helps me maintain current, accurate margins. I can create Mix ‘n’ Match promotions from one location and broadcast them to all sites at the same time. Using the scheduled task function in the POS interface I can push the promotion directly to the POS. The system is a big time saver and the cost is very low. I encourage anyone looking for a simple price maintenance solution to consider SSCS’s Power Price Book."

Ron May, Mike's Conoco, Columbia Falls, MT

"We have used the Computerized Daily Book for over 14 years and I always recommend SSCS to anyone running a convenience store operation. The Sunray Web-hosted platform makes it easy to manage our businesses at the site level and still monitor and maintain control and accountability from our headquarters. Ease of use and technical support are second to none, but maybe most important to us is knowing that SSCS is always ahead of the game when it comes to dealing with technology updates, so we are well-prepared for any changes from our fuel suppliers and POS vendors. This is a great product and a great company to work with."

Albert Sarria, JAC Oil, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL

"We have been SSCS customers for over 12 years. Since day one the software has proven to be very cost-effective. We can target problem departments for shrinkage, loss margins and low selling items. The CDB's inventory control has been a major tool contributing to our success throughout multiple locations. CDB reports help us track inventory, sales, purchases and projections, and each report can be sorted by criteria which helps in gathering specific information. Most of all we value the excellent customer service and support we received from SSCS. The fact that they have bilingual personnel on their support staff has really helped our managers in communicating their needs. SSCS has been and will continue to be our #1 choice in convenience store back office equipment."

Gigi Colosimo, Premier Stations, Pittsburgh, PA

"My favorite Computerized Daily Book feature is the inventory control it provides, including Computer Assisted Ordering, margin control and the capability of a completed Profit and Loss Statement. In addition, I am now reaping the benefits of the system's accounting modules. I don't have a degree in accounting but SSCS makes things easy!"

Matthew Webb, Webb's Auto & Truck Services, Bell Gardens, CA

"Transaction Analysis has opened a window on our operation that we never had before, which means I can further fine-tune our store's performance. It gives me a record of register transactions by hour so I can determine my staffing requirements with precision. Until I used Transaction Analysis, I never knew the busiest hour of the week was Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Once I discovered that, I added staff to address the proven additional demand and maintain the quality customer service that is so important to our image. The application is very specific in regards to the content in a voided transaction. I've started to monitor my voids count twice a week to see if anything mysterious appears to be going on. Because each voided transaction is time-stamped, I can pull the corresponding video security footage if I need to and see what's happening. I've caught employees that are running up voids and giving stuff away without spending hours looking at useless footage."

Michael Olguin, River Rock Tobacco and Fuel, Arlington, WA

"This is our third site with SSCS, and we were already using it to stay on top of our operations at our two smoke shops. It was a bit more challenging this time, because it marked the first time we had to manage fuel sales, a full inventory of grocery and beverages, and a full-service deli. SSCS was instrumental in getting us up-and-running in time for our grand opening. We appreciate the care that SSCS put into making this work for us. There is no way we could have done this without the on-site training and support they provide, especially given that we were taking on all these new lines in our retail business. They are always courteous and professional and expert at what they do-an ideal partner."

Tejinder Grewal and Jagdeep Saran, Tee Jay Oil, Chandler, AZ

"With SSCS we can log into any of our store locations from anywhere with an Internet connection. This gives us the chance to audit the work at the store level without having to drive to a specific location. This business requires so many hours of you that it's important to use your time as efficiently as possible. We can offload some of the daily responsibilities to our store managers without losing the control we need to monitor a high cash flow business. The system has always given us a solid backbone to gauge our profitability as we manage our way to grow our business. SSCS keeps us well-informed and up-to-date with new versions of its CDBWin software. Some of the most recent enhancements that we find useful include the ability to program promotions on our point-of-sale systems and several new reporting capabilities."

Julie Hardy, Premium Oil, Salt Lake City, UT

"We knew we needed a more updated, progressive and adaptable c-store back office system if we wanted to gain control over our bottom line. There is no question that the choice of the CDB and Passport is the most progressive decision we have ever made. The program drastically reduces the risk of cashier error which translates into more accurate record-keeping and precision price management. Premium Oil's marketing strategy is based on competitive pricing that drives volume but maintains maximum ring per customer. Multi-item promotions flow into this; our steady inside sales growth reflects it."

Gerald Daniel, Liberty Petroleum Distributors, Hartford, PA

"It took one day of use before Transaction Analysis began to make a positive impact on my business. It's saved me thousands of dollars a month."

Tracy Honeycutt, Split Mountain Travel Plaza, Vernal, UT

"SSCS offers the very best training and technical support for our back office. I attended a webinar and the instructor was very knowledgeable and approachable. I recommend using all webinars and the SSCS portal, which is full of features that have helped me become a more efficient general manager. The very best thing about SSCS is that they are a phone call away if you need assistance. My heartfelt thanks to everyone at SSCS for always being so helpful."

Bob Oyster, M.R. Oyster Petroleum, Inc., Redwood City, CA

"In the service station business I've had the chance to work with a lot of interesting people. I acquired some sites from a brand that would allow me to grow. Going with SSCS in 1981 was one of my best business decisions. They have always delivered 100%, and I run my business 100% with SSCS. Their cloud-based architecture is fantastic!"

Susan Cardinale, Union 76, Monterey, CA

"The Computerized Daily Book tracks shrinkage better than the competition, is easier to use and does a great job of reporting information to me. Support service from SSCS has been excellent, always responding quickly, answering questions, and solving problems. The CDB lets me know on a daily basis what I sold the day before."

Robert Hart, Val Smith Petroleum, Blanco, TX

"Our plan was to install the Computerized Daily Book at 7 sites and let them run for a year, then evaluate the investment. After one year we realized a gain of 3% net profit. This encouraged us to invest more in the CDB and SSCS, so now we have 11 stores operating with the full scan system, and we do plan to add the system to our upcoming facilities. I can get Cash Requirement Reports from the system and identify which invoices I want to pay or not pay. When we do cut the check, the CDB updates the checking account balance and check register. The checkbook reconciliation program is easy and efficient."

Joan Tschida, Clearwater Creek Convenience Store, White Bear Lake, MN

"The Computerized Daily Book does it all. It integrates the data from all parts of my business, and makes tracking and recordkeeping remarkably simple. We researched carefully, and have found no other software that comes close to this integrated capability. Without the CDB, we would need two or three different software programs to do the same job. Nothing comes close to it."

Keith Simas, XTRA Oil Company, Alameda, CA

"The main benefit of the Computerized Daily Book for me as operations manager is in the day-to-day operations of my stores. The system is very easy to use, so the personnel are more efficient. Plus, it is very easy for people from one location to fill in at another. The CDB is a very good organizational tool, the payroll capability is great, and the reports are most helpful. We noticed a difference in the stores using full CDB functions, and we know the figures from those stores are much more accurate."

Larry Waterman, Marathon Station, Danville, IN

"This business runs on the Computerized Daily Book 100 percent - all phases of our operation. We absolutely depend on it, and it absolutely delivers. The CDB helps me get customers, and keep customers. It helps me get them in and out smoothly, without a lot of paperwork. And it is invaluable in organizing all aspects of my business, gas, C-store and repair, saving me time and stress. The CDB has been a really useful investment."

Joe Oakes, Tahoma Market, Fife, WA

"Managing a growing chain of C-stores requires back office systems that are fast, data rich and easy to use, like SSCS' Computerized Daily Book. The system stores historical data for easy review, allows for comparative analysis, and provides my business the opportunity to grow. The processes are easy to complete, and the wealth of responsive support is impressive and timely. With regular communication and follow up, upgrades that allow additional development of business processes, and a team that is focused on helping us reach our goals, SSCS has proven to be an asset to our company as well as for guests looking for a fast, convenient store experience."

Bobbi Johnson, Whitetail Crossing, Ho Chunk Nation, WI

"By using the SSCS inventory solution to its full potential, we managed a 73 pecent reduction in our end-of-month inventory adjustments. It proved you can substantially reduce both your shrink and mistakes by getting a current view of your inventory movement, which SSCS technology provides."

Todd Burk, Neumayer Equipment, St. Louis, MO

"The implementation of SSCS technology across the Thoele Oil enterprise, a process in which I was closely involved, was a highly satisfying experience in every way. The SSCS team has a reputation for quality customer service and attention to detail and they did not disappoint. They know how to take care of their customers and it shows in everything they do."

David Tooley, Tooley Oil, Sacramento, CA

"I feel that as our company has grown, SSCS has grown. They have done an excellent job of adapting their technology to a marketplace which is constantly being reshaped, including the ability to handle mix and match and food service. My managers comb over the information they get out of the back office to see how we're doing and what we need to adjust before it becomes a problem. Bottom line: we depend on SSCS software to run our business. It's a great selling point when we recruit dealers for our network."